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iPhones can now automate tasks using NFC with Launch Center Pro

iPhone users are finally getting a convenient and powerful feature that’s long been available on Android phones: the ability to tap an NFC tag and have their phone automatically perform certain actions, like opening an app or playing music. Once you do get everything set up, you can see how useful this sort of feature would be.


Razer’s Raiju mobile controller for Android phones, which was announced back in October along with the Razer Phone 2, is now available to order online for $150. The controller lets you dock most Android phones on a stand that can rotate up to 60 degrees and play mobile games with console-level controls.


YouTube users may see ‘noticeable decrease’ in subscriber count

YouTube is on a massive sweep of spam accounts, and the company is alerting creators that they may see a “noticeable decrease” in their subscriber counts as the cleanup is conducted. An official post on YouTube’s product forum states these sweeps are part of routine maintenance the company performs. Removing spam accounts helps to keep YouTube “a fair playing field” for creators, since they can artificially increase a channel’s subscriber count. It’s unclear how many channels will be affected, but YouTube does want people to prepare for a decline.


Nvidia is releasing version 7.2 of its software for the Shield Android TV box

Today Nvidia is releasing version 7.2 of its software for the Shield Android TV box. Other upgrades include quick settings customizations, automatic software update installations, and 5.1 audio support for YouTube — which Nvidia says makes the Shield the first streaming box with this capability.


Google Fit adds new feature and home screen widgets

Google is adding a couple of new features to make it easier to track activity progress and to engage in a bit of relaxation Now, you can place activity progress meters like minutes walked and calories burned right on the main screen of your Android phone. The second is a new breathing exercise feature for Wear OS smartwatches, similar to Apple’s default Breathe app for the Apple Watch.


Alexa is implementing self-learning techniques to better understand users

The system has been in beta until now, and it launched in the US this week.  Name-free interaction features have been expanded today beyond the US to the UK, Canada, Australia, India, Germany, and Japan. Name-free interaction for smart home-related skills is also rolling out in the US today. 


Google is ending Play Service support

ONLY 0.03 PERCENT OF ANDROID USERS ARE STILL RUNNING ICE CREAM SANDWICH Google is instead having developers target API level 16 (for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean) as the minimum level of support. And while, in theory, developers can continue to maintain and update a version of their apps specifically for Ice Cream Sandwich users that support API level 14 or 15, it’s unlikely that many will do so.


Qualcomm announced today that it’s working with Mozilla to bring a compatible version of Firefox to Snapdagon.

Qualcomm announced today that it’s working with Mozilla to bring a compatible version of Firefox to Snapdragon-powered Windows computers. The new 64-bit version of Firefox will be optimized to run on these computers for better performance.


Qualcomm’s new processor for mobile phones

Qualcomm’s new flagship processor for mobile phones was released. It’s the chip that will appear in the first wave of 5G phones. Qualcomm has said this new platform will support “multi-gigabit” download speeds on 5G networks. Its next Snapdragon would be on a 7nm manufacturing process, down from the 10nm of Snapdragon 845 and 835.


Is the new Nanoleaf Canvas design batter then the first gen?

They're less alien-looking than the triangular panels. With the Canvas panels, the niche lighting company wants to broaden its appeal even more. Canvas panels feature a new, patterned design that divides each panel's diodes into four sections in order to disperse the light more evenly. The panels are much thinner than the Lifx Tiles. If your phone supports it, the Layout Assistant can also use augmented reality to show you a preview of how your configuration will look on your walls.


Why users were asked to change their passwords.

On November 9, Dell detected and disrupted unauthorised activity on their network that attempted to extract customer information. They  
immediately began an investigation. The company did not find any conclusive evidence. Dell has reset the passwords of users to further protect their accounts.

Read more at:

11 People have stolen Samsung's folding screen tech.

Of the 11 people indicted, 3 have been detained. Samsung spent 6 years and $130 million to make the bendable screen. They stole the blueprints from Samsung and sold it to 2 companies in China. The company that sold the tech secrets to the Chinese firms made $14 million. Samsung showed the tech at a conference the new folding smartphone. Samsung is the world's largest smartphone company. A trial date has not been set.


Samsung promises lower price points on New SSD Line - Is it even necessary?



We have been following SSD Prices closely for the past couple of years.

Sometime around mid 2016, the average price of a 128GB SSD shot up nearly 30% or more.

SSDs maintained there absurd high price point for nearly 2-Years until only 3-weeks ago. In 2016, you were able to get a 128GB SSD on sale for around $30. From 2106 all the way through Mid November 2018, that cost was closer to $45-$55 on average. In the beginning, the rise in cost was based on a "shortage" per industry chit-chat. But a nearly 2-year shortage was probably just an excuse to raise prices.

Around 1-2 weeks before Black Friday 2018, we saw a massive plummet in SSD prices. Down about 30%-50% nearly overnight for many product lines. Those prices, even at writing today, appear stable. So while Samsung wishes to help consumers get larger storage SSDs to an acceptable price, there seems to be a bit lost in translation. The market already has many entry level SSDs below $150. Meanwhile the higher end product lines jump up to $220+. Im more concerned with the pricing discrepancies than the overall price point.

Is this new Samsung 860 QVD really worth an entirely new product line name? It needs to have some hefty benefits over there EVO & Pro Lines otherwise its just more of the same. Flood the market with more products so your name is always out there.

Is Video Game Addiction a real thing? The World Health Organization says so.,

This subject has been a hot topic among all kids, adults and parents. We have all been addicted to something in our lives at some point. Maybe we are still addicted to these vices in our daily routines.

I was driving into the office this morning and heard a podcast about Game Addiction, or according to the World Health Organization (WHO), Gaming Disorder. Now the choice of the word disorder is a bit light handed in my opinion. Possibly due to the fact this was a recently coined term by the WHO and more research is required before any kind of addiction label can be applied. The following (source) podcast is worth a listen (47-Minutes).

WHO Gaming Disorder Source:

Now the following below is my opinion on the subject. I am a 34 year old male in the US who operates a Computer Repair Shop and Sales Store in Las Vegas called The Tech Monkey. I have been involved in PCs since the early 90s. I know a lot about nearly every facet of the PC Tech World from a consumer stand point. Im not an expert at any given field, but I have enough knowledge to debate most topics in depth.

As kids we LOVED candy and soda. As adults we found Coffee, Alcohol, Cigarettes, even Religion. Anything we enjoy for fun is socially acceptable in most cases. It is when we use these objects (real or virtual) to cope that it can become a gray area, border-lining of the bad kind of addiction. If I play a few rounds of League of Legends every night to relax, this could be the same as having a beer. Now start mixing in Alcohol, Recreational Drug Use and Video Gaming along with junk food or binge eating and you can begin to see a problem.

The biggest debating factor I see for the future in classifying and treating Video Game Addiction is being able to identify non-destructive casual gaming VS long video game session to cope with stress, anxiety, depression, etc. We can all agree Video Games work directly on a reward system. Accomplishing a task and being rewarded is the most basic way to allow us to feel better due to dopamine and the Instant Gratification era we are in. This debate could go on for hours. Here's hoping we can help treat Gaming Disorder as a mental health problem in the future as we can all benefit more from understanding mental symptoms such as this.

NewEgg has been officially acquired by Chinese Tech Firm

Earlier this year, Liaison Interactive had given NewEgg a large investment to allow them room to expand into new markets. This apparently wasn't simply an investment by the Chinese firm. 

New Owners Hangzhao Liaison Interactive Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Liaison Interactive) now owns the controlling share of NewEgg at 55.7% (worth $2.63 Billion Dollars). 

The US Tech Industry has seen a steady increase in Chinese Tech and Investment Firms interest. It will be interesting to see which company is acquired next.


New Ethernet Cat 6A (or Cat 7) cable in the works. 500MB/ps will soon be possible.

As with all technology, we constantly desire more, better, faster. Well, you asked for it, and it is NOT backwards compatible with any current hardware. So if and when you're ready to make the jump, be prepared to shell out a lot for the newest hardware to support it.

Cat 6A is on its way in the future thanks to the new network standard IEEE 802.3bz. 10GbE is going to be a nice change as internet and network speeds will begin to show bottlenecks in PCs in the near future. Read more at the source link. 

League of Legends still going strong with 100-Million Players a month.

I began playing LOL many years ago (around season 2 or 3) due to a good friend. I've been playing constantly since then. I'm a very casual player as I never truly got involved in any form of ranking or leveling up. I play many games or ARAM (All Random) or the various special game-type versions they come out with multiple times a year.

Even after nearly a decade, this game is still going very strong. 100-Million players a month strong. Read more below with the source.

Joke time: There was once a glorious League player who would shout out "Solo Mid or quit!" Though this was a lie, he was AFK and the GGEZ came far too quick.

Source: TweakTown. Source link at top.

The new Asus ROG GX800VH. A 18.4" 4K water-cooled laptop

Asus appeared to go too far for most to fathom last year with the introduction of the first water cooled laptop. The GX700VO. Now they have upped the ante in a big way. Growing from 17.3" 1080P to a 18.4" 4K with 100% sRGB and AdobeRGB Coverage as well as G-Sync.

Inside the laptop are now two Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 at 8GB each along with 64GB of DDR4 RAM clocked at 2800mhz. It also houses 3 512GB Toshiba  M.2 NVMe PCIe Gen 3 SSDs in Raid 0.

Just based on the significant changes made too this new model, I feel as if the watercooling system and laptop are now becoming fine tuned to work better together than the first. Would love to be able to get my hands on one of these to test it out.

Source: KitGuru. Source link at Top.