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Everything we think we know about Apple’s AirPods 2

The Apple AirPods are ripe for a refresh in 2019, if only because these truly wireless in-ear headphones are approaching their third year on shelves without a single hardware revision. From where Apple is sitting, it’s easy to see why it has waited this long to release a new version. There are now several truly wireless headphones on the market — good ones, even— but new options like the Samsung Galaxy Buds are only now beginning to tread on the AirPods’ biggest selling point: simplicity. AirPods are recognized by iPhones and iPads when you flip its case open, and they play nicely on macOS computers, too, where we’ve seen many Bluetooth headphones falter. The AirPods’ design got a lot right back in 2016, and you can read our reviews to see why we like them. But now, it’s Apple’s turn to make a move again. Based on the rumors we’ve seen, Apple’s next AirPods will focus on new features to win over the remaining holdouts who still use the wired, Lightning-connected EarPods that come with a new iPhone.