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Tesla still isn’t getting enough batteries from Panasonic

The supply of batteries made by Panasonic is still the “fundamental constraint” on the production of Tesla products, the company said Thursday. The electric car maker isn’t getting enough batteries from the production lines that Panasonic operates in the automaker’s Reno, Nevada Gigafactory to keep up with the number of cars and home energy storage products it wants to make. The two companies believe more batteries can be made using the equipment in place at the factory though, Tesla said. The statement echoes what CEO Elon Musk told investors on a January 30th conference call, when he said that Tesla was “cell-starved for vehicle production,” and that it had to forgo some manufacturing of its home energy products in order to keep pace with Model 3 battery packs. And it shows that despite suffering through “production hell” and “delivery logistics hell,” one long-standing problem still steers the Model 3’s success: the tension between what Tesla needs and what Panasonic can deliver.