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Samsung promises lower price points on New SSD Line - Is it even necessary?



We have been following SSD Prices closely for the past couple of years.

Sometime around mid 2016, the average price of a 128GB SSD shot up nearly 30% or more.

SSDs maintained there absurd high price point for nearly 2-Years until only 3-weeks ago. In 2016, you were able to get a 128GB SSD on sale for around $30. From 2106 all the way through Mid November 2018, that cost was closer to $45-$55 on average. In the beginning, the rise in cost was based on a "shortage" per industry chit-chat. But a nearly 2-year shortage was probably just an excuse to raise prices.

Around 1-2 weeks before Black Friday 2018, we saw a massive plummet in SSD prices. Down about 30%-50% nearly overnight for many product lines. Those prices, even at writing today, appear stable. So while Samsung wishes to help consumers get larger storage SSDs to an acceptable price, there seems to be a bit lost in translation. The market already has many entry level SSDs below $150. Meanwhile the higher end product lines jump up to $220+. Im more concerned with the pricing discrepancies than the overall price point.

Is this new Samsung 860 QVD really worth an entirely new product line name? It needs to have some hefty benefits over there EVO & Pro Lines otherwise its just more of the same. Flood the market with more products so your name is always out there.