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Welcome to the Tech Monkey! We are a small, locally owned and operated Computer Repair, Service and Sales business with over 20-years of experience.

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Welcome Back Commander!

GDI Wallpaper.png

My Command & Conquer backstory:

My passion for all of this started in the Fall of 1995. Getting my first copy of C&C 95 Gold from the Swap Meet when I was 11 years old. As such, I have been a huge C&C fan since the beginning. We had an acceptable PC (Compaq with Windows 3.1 (later Win 95) an Intel i386, 750MB HDD, and the cherry on top 14.4K Modem. At the time I didn’t have much time to play on the PC as I was preoccupied with other things kids do when they are 11-13 years old such as riding my bicycle or playing Baseball.

After my family and I moved to a different state (Las Vegas, NV, home of the former Westwood Studios) my (new) best friend introduced me to Red Alert. At the time I did not realize Westwood Studios made both games. Actually, I had NO IDEA that video game companies made more games. I was simply too naive to understand how video game studios functioned. This actually reignited my love and passion for this game. I then decided to complete the entirety of C&C 95, then moved onto other games. Once I realized what CompUSA was, it was all full speed ahead from there. I ended up with buying all the C&C Games and expansions within the next 18-months.

Since that time I have owned and played every single C&C Game from start to finish multiple times. I played Renegade heavily and was also North Americas largest C&C (memorabilia) collector to date. As more pressing matters took precedence such as being an adult, I chose to start my own Computer Sales & Repair Business. This was simply out of desperation as my current career path fell flat on its face. I felt this was the opportune time to begin making custom PCs in house that were not a specific custom build for a customer. Meaning this custom build was done on our own dollar.

My Dedication to the entire community of C&C:

The following computer build was one of complete love and passion that I never really though would be possible. I have always wanted to be an owner of a computer shop as well as build really cool, custom PCs for people and share my years of experience. Once I realized the original Command & Conquer was begin remastered it took me about 2 weeks of back in forth in my head to decide to do this build. Initially this build was going to be much more grand, but business did not allow this to happen.

With the wheels in motion we were against the clock. Since I decided we would do 2 (two) complete builds (GDI & Nod) before the release of C&C Remastered. We have just finished this PC within hours of this page going live. We chose to do the GDI build first to learn what we could do and also get a better idea what to do and not to do with the Nod build.

This build is dedicated to everyone in my life who made this possible; good or bad it is still a milestone for me. Westwood Studios, Petroglyph Studios, EA, Lemonsky Studio, Frank Klepacki and everyone else passionate enough to have made this game be Remastered.


Here is our completed Global Defense Initiative build to commemorate the launch of Command & Conquer Remastered.

We put a lot of though and effort into this build and we hope you enjoy it!

This PC will be for sale in the near future - Price TBDU (please enquire)

  • CPU: Intel i7-7700K, Delidded, Oversized Copper IHS with Liquid Metal - OC’d to 5.0Ghz

  • Motherboard: Asus TUF Z270 Mark 1

  • RAM: Crucial Ballistix Sport AT (TUF Design) DDR4 32GB (4x8GB), 3200Mhz, Single Rank - OC’d to 3866Mhz

  • Graphics Card: EVGA GTX 1080 Ti Kingpin with Liquid Metal, 11GB GDDR5, Custom Painted w/ Cooler Master Vertical GPU Mount

  • Power Supply: EVGA 1200 P2, 1200W Platinum Rated

  • Case: Asus TUF GT501 Full Size ATX

  • CPU Cooler: Corsair H150i Pro RGB

  • Storage 1: Samsung 970 Pro 512GB M.2 NVMe SSD (OS)

  • Storage 2: Samsung 860 EVO 500GB 2.5” SATA SSDs x4 in RAID 0 - 2TB Total (Storage)

  • Fans: 10x Corsair ML120 (Magnetic Levitation) Fans, 75 CFM - Push/Pull Config on Radiator

  • Power Supply Cables: Custom (Hand Made) Combed Power Supply Cable Set. Configured in Black, Graphite and Goldenrod colors

  • Custom Sand Blasted Glass Side Panel

  • Custom designed Asus TUF pattern Camo Print (vinyl) for case aesthetics

  • Case Lighting: 4x RGB LED Light Strips inside chassis (3 in main body and one inside front panel)

  • 5” Touchscreen Display inside bottom PSU Tray connected via HDMI to GPU - acts as a second display for system vitals, demos, etc.

  • Lots of other misc. parts