The Tech Monkey


Welcome to the Tech Monkey! We are a small, locally owned and operated Computer Repair, Service and Sales business with over 20-years of experience.

We believe in quality diagnostics at a fair price. We use the latest tools and technology to deliver top notch service. Our techs are CompTIA and Microsoft Certified.


Custom pc builds

offered by our highly trained simians (monkeys)

We have been building custom PCs for over 20 years. Starting in 2019 we will begin stocking Gaming and Custom PC Parts and Brands that you wont typically see offered elsewhere. We will begin highlighting those brands through our webpage and social media. We put a lot research and effort in finding what we think are great alternatives to the well known brand names we all see and use every day. Some of the product lines to look out for are:

  1. AIGO RGB and LED Fans - These high quality 120MM and 140MM Fans perform phenomenally at a price around 25%-35% cheaper than the bigger brand names

  2. Gamdias - Gaming Peripherals, Power Supplies, etc. With Gaming Keyboards, Headset, Mice and even Power Supplies - this companies products are another great alternative for you next build.

As for custom builds, we offer a few different options for our customers which are as follows:

  1. A full-service option for our customers where we will determine your needs to work within your budget. We will then choose the appropriate parts and build your PC. A complete build will typically take 5-7 Days to complete. These made-to-order builds will be built and stress tested in house.

  2. Customer Build only with Customer Supplied Parts. We do offer custom build services only where you supply the parts necessary. Any extra or add-ons can be done during the build. This service is a flat-fee of $149.

  3. Specific Services: We will begin offering tailored al-a-carte services such as:

    • Lapping (AKA mirror polishing Heatsinks and Heatspreaders (CPU Lids)

    • De-Lid Services, Overclocking and Tuning Services (RAM, CPU, GPU)

    • De-Lid with Liquid Metal Re-Lid of Heatspreader

    • Cable Management, Custom Cable Sets with Cable Combs

    • AIO or Custom Water Cooling Loops

    • Thermal Paste and Thermal Pad replacement, etc

    • Custom Glass Etching