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The pursuit of happiness led us to doing what we love



We all remember that time in elementary school when the teacher asked the class what they wanted to do if they had a million dollars. This was our first introduction to critical thinking. Many of us had visions of grandeur about our futures. We later realized that we had no idea what we wanted to do for a living. I was one of those kids.

My story and The Tech Monkey began out of necessity. The necessity to be happy and do something with purpose. It took giving up a 10 year career and starting over in my early 30's. This made me realize what it is that makes me happy. Starting over is as scary as it is exciting. Life is still quite surreal. I never imagined I would be a business owner. Every Day I wake up with new ideas and new goals. Typing this on my website is one of those life goals.

We continue to grow day by day and year by year because of one simple goal; honesty. Integrity always comes before profit. I may not be the smartest computer tech you will find; there is always someone smarter and better.

My promise to every customer is you will always get an honest diagnosis and a fair price. We are professionals from start to finish.

Dedicated to Mom, Dad, Phillip Skwarkowski. I hope I've made you proud.

Steven Skwarkowski | Founder

About Us | The Tech Monkey | Custom Built Gaming PCs | Custom Built Laptops | PC Electronics, Accessories and IT Services | 3365 W Craig Rd. #26, Las Nevgas, Nevada 89032

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