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Build the PC of your dreams with The Tech Monkey | Las Vegas




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A custom build computer is a Microsoft Windows based computer system that is hand built, from scratch by the expert technicians on location at The Tech Monkey located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

A custom built pc is your personal masterpiece, put together by an experienced team of professionals that fits your budget, your intended use and intended space available for the system. It's basically a computer tower with all your hand picked components and hardware, put together specifically for you and your needs.

A custom built pc may vary depending on its intended use and available budget but every custom pc is really an individual work of art, put together and developed to reflect your personal taste.



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A very good question that constantly needs to be answered is why would you want to build a custom pc. A very good answer is that everyone has different uses for their pcs. Everyone has specifications they either need or desire out of their system and building a custom pc is the best way to get the necessary use and performance out of your computer system.

Did we mention that generally custom built pcs are cheaper than the cookie-cutter, mass produced systems? Well, yeah, custom built pcs can be cheaper than your ordinary branded computer where you are paying more for the brand than the actual hardware inside. Although some extensive custom built pcs can run in the thousands of dollars, most custom pcs can fit virtually any budget and the components inside are usually cheaper than listed components on large manufacturer sites as well as better quality.



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Custom built pcs have any number of benefits and uses. One of the main benefits is cost effectiveness where you get exactly what you pay for and exactly what you expect. Whether you are building a gaming pc, a gaming and streaming pc, a workstation or heavy use computer that is dedicated to animation, architecture, engineering and high capacity processing, a custom built pc can aid in bringing all the components together all in one tower for the best price available.

Another benefit is getting exactly what you want out of your computer by asking our experts about specific uses for your computer and getting the best recommendations to your system. We understand your needs, we understand your budgets and we build you a computer that is truly a bang for your buck.



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Experience. The Tech Monkey is all about professionalism and experience. Our experience with computers go beyond the spectrum of just gaming. When there wasn't anyone doing custom builds, we were hard at work building computers, servers, installing firewalls, creating networks and enjoying every minute of what we were doing and we still do.

We love tech and we love pushing the boundaries of the capabilities of computers, its hardware, its software, we simply love taking on a job that pushes the limits and succeeding by putting together the most impressive pieces of equipment that even leaves us speechless. 

It's hard to explain the love we have for our work and what we do but we can say with confidence, we just simply love what we do and how exceptionally well we do it.



Click on the link below to start building your dream pc and become a part of The Tech Monkey family with a custom built pc by yours truly. The link will take you to a form will aid you in deciding a budget, components and even help us understand your needs for your custom pc build.

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